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What is your opinion about the ADSSC Supplier Registration System ?

 Supplier Registration

ADSSC Commercial Supply Registration identifies, qualifies & evaluates supplier information on behalf of Abu Dhabi
Sewerage Services Company (ADSSC).
ADSSC Commercial Supply Registration ensure that the companies registered in the Commercial Registration are strict
conformity with the relevant UAE and Abu Dhabi laws and ADSSC’s policies & Procedures.
By joining ADSSC  commercial directory you will be a potential supplier to the Abu Dhabi sewage related services.


To Register your company: Click Here
ADSSC E-Registration System Manual Guideline: Download File
ADSSC Acknowledgment Private Sector Compliance with Contracting Stipulations of Government Entities: Download File
Work Group List (Select from list of activities): Download File
Product Group List (Select From List of Products): Download File
Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company Supplier - Service Provider Ethics and Code of Conduct: Download File

Prequalification as Contractor/Consultant

Prequalification Requirements:

Prequalitfication as Manufacturer

Prequalification Requirements:
Note: For overseas manufacturers, you can only be prequalified through a registered local agent (based on Abu Dhabi).
For more information please contact:
Phone: 800 555
For Registration E-mail:​