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 Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme Visitors Center(STEP) Visitors Centre

Management such as expansion of urban, industrial and commercial structures as result of inhabitant growth as well as reducing carbon emission.
The program will manage an average water waste flow of 800,000 cubic meters per day. In addition, the ultimate capacity of average water flow will be up to 1.7 million Cubic meters per day by 2030.
For more information, kindly visit the project's website:

On Jan the 16th  2013  H.E Mohamad Ahmad Al Bowardi, Member of the the Executive Council inaugurated STEP Visitor Center with the cooperation of Korean Company Samsung. The center is located next to the project offices location 3 (near Armed Forces Club, Abu Dhabi)
This inauguration represents an additional value as opportunity to experience the valuable expertise and international experiences provided to the educational & scientific visits lead by scholars and engineers and researchers amongst others of various specializations to learn and benefit.
The STEP center presents a brief on ADSSC and its activities. The center aims to introduce the Company’s mission and commitment to develop the current infrastructure of Abu Dhabi to meet the demands in sustainable services. 

Also the center shows models of the devices and equipment’s used in its development. An interactive multimedia for the company’s activities in addition to an exhibition of latest used technological devices in the project.
The Center aims to attract the largest number of unique visitors on regional level, introduce them to the newest environmental friendly methods, and encourage them to support similar activities and to provide in the center an exciting educational atmosphere.

Center visiting hours:
Sunday-Tuesday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
To submit visit request please fill the application and email it to and we will contact you within 5 working days.

 Visit Request Form

“Step Vistor Center” Visit Request Strategic Tunnel Enhancement Programme - Abu Dhabi Sewerage Service Company
  • Entity Name :
  • Person Name :
  • Number of persons:
Visit timing:
  • Contact Details.
  • Office
  • Mobile
  • e-Mail
  • Requirements:
  • 1. Visit request should be submitted before the visit date by 3 weeks at least.
  • 2. Number of attending people shouldn’t exceed 20 per visit, if exceeded they will be distributed to groups or to different periods as suitable.
  • 3. Schools visits should be supervised by 3 people at least for each 20 students.
  • 4. It’s allowed to take photos in STEP Visitors Centre only.
  • 5. ADSSC doesn’t take the responsibility in case of accidents outside Visitors Centre.
  • Specific Requirements for Schools Visits:
  • 1. Allowed age range: Seventh grade and higher
  • 2. Commitment to supervisors instructions while at the visit.
  • 3. Exhibits should not be touched.
  • 4 . Pay attention while presentation is requested.