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 Accountability Statement

​ADSSC was established in June 2005 to collect and treat waste-water discharged from all residential and commercial customers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and safely dispose both the solid and liquid waste thereof. 
ADSSC reports directly to the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, under the Chairmanship of H.E Abdulla Ali Musleh Al Ahbabi. Board of Directors membership is extended to Abu Dhabi Municipality, Al Ain Municipality, Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi, Urban Planning Council, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and the Health Authority Abu Dhabi.
ADSSC's Mandate includes the following 3 activities and excludes storm (rain) water drainage system which is under the Municipality’s responsibility:
  • Waste water collection
  • Waste water treatment
  • Waste water disposal
ADSSC's corporate objectives are to:
Deliver reliable, secure, safe and cost effective provision of sewerage services as well as a sewerage network that complies with environmental regulations and standards.

ADSSC’s Whole of Government Outcomes include:
The reliable, secure, safe and cost effective provision of sewerage services
Providing a sewerage network that complies with environmental regulations and standards
ADSSC's wastewater treatment plants are strategically located in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region. The current sewerage infrastructure was designed to accommodate earlier flow projections and is thus severely overloaded. Rehabilitation, refurbishment, renewal and construction of requisite infrastructure is underway, in order to meet the current and future requirements.
ADSSC provides treated water to the Municipalities for horticulture purposes. Over 60% of the recycled water is used for irrigation purposes, thereby contributing towards environmental preservation. With the completion of treated water delivery pipelines, in the near future, 100% of treated wastewater produced by ADSSC will be reused. 
ADSSC is committed to Emiratization, with 56% UAE Nationals in its workforce, as of Q3 2010.
ADSSC services are invisible, safe, odourless and environmentally-friendly.
ADSSC contributes effectively to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Vision and is a key link in the overall value-proposition offered to private, public and commercial customers.
This is the fourth ADSSC 5-Year Strategic Plan, and has been developed in a collaborative manner through internal workshops with all the Divisions/Departments and their senior leadership teams. This has resulted in the refinement of the Vision, Mission and Values, as well as the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that currently face the Company.

The review has been conducted in light of the new initiatives deployed by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council including, but not limited to.
  • Abu Dhabi Policy Agenda 2030
  • 2009 Executive Council Performance Contract
  • Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030
  • Surface Transport Master Plan
  • Abu Dhabi Innovation Policy
In addition to this, the 5-Year Plan incorporates the considerable body of work resulting from internal initiatives conducted over the last three years in accordance with the ADSSC Organizational Excellence Framework, which is an integrated approach addressing the following key areas:
  1. Strategy management
  2. Performance management
  3. Risk management
  4. Process management
  5. ​Integrated management system
  6. Organizational excellence
During 2009, ADSSC launched the Balanced Scorecard Project (Project ABC) in order to align its strategic organizational excellence initiatives. Project ABC will enable ADSSC to contribute effectively to Abu Dhabi's Vision 2030 and Whole-of-Government outcomes.

 ADSSC 2011-2015 Strategic Priorities have been developed under the following themes:
  1. Service Delivery - Ensuring the ongoing provision of world-class sewerage services, in partnership with suppliers, contractors and consultants
  2. Customer Focus - Delivering improved levels of customer service (service delivery, customer interaction and responsiveness)
  3. External Stakeholder Collaboration - Ensure greater alignment and co-ordination with Government Entities, Developers and Regulators.
  4. Organisational Excellence - Achieve excellence and implement best practices.
A systematic Governance approach was initiated in 2010, via the ADSSC Automation and Reporting Project (ARP) wherein, data input and internal reviews at Divisional / Department and Organizational level would ensure effective implementation and information sharing.
As Chairman, I commit to be held fully accountable for the performance of ADSSC and aim to work constructively to deliver effective, efficient and coordinated services to all our stakeholders.
HE. Abdulla Ali Musleh Al Ahbabi
Chairman ADSSC​​