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 ADSSC & Community

Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company is one of the well-reputed national companies that contributes to and supports the socio-economic growth of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. ADSSC understands its role and obligation to act to benefit society at large by providing high quality, cost effective services.

ADSSC has adopted a balanced, well-thought-out plan to address the sustainable development challenge of preserving  natural resources, protecting and enhancing the environment, and supporting the socio-economic growth.  ADSSC’s aim is to protect  public health and the well-being of all  communities through  best use of available expertise and technologies.

 ADSSC Philosophy

​“Integrity to accomplish our mission” is the core of ADSSC philosophy and, as our work impacts on the environment and communities, it is imperative to muster all possibilities and capabilities to face the challenges and manage activities with full accountability & responsibility. This is achieved through:   

Community Partnership & Engagement 
Community engagement has been one of our prominent achievements. Working with relevant organizations and entities, and taking into account the needs of all community  members,  ADSSC successfully developed a strong sense of understanding  for  and commitment to achieve its mission in sustainable development and maintain public health and the safety of the environment. 
Natural resource protection and environmental protection 
ADSSC has adopted a well-planned   environmental management framework and modernizes sensibly its effective efficient practices aiming at lessening and preventing pollution and preserving natural resources.